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Hello there! We are two teenage girls struggling through what we call the AP life. (: it's about time tumblr has a decent AP students blog! <3


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For everyone who has to take standardized writing tests this year. I hope this helps.

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  • teacher: you can't bullshit this essay
  • me (under my breath): if you're an ameteur
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Anonymous asked:
I'm only taking regular Calc due to schedule conflicts. Any tips for self studying AP Calc for the exam next year? And would it be difficult?

I’m not quite sure what the curriculum for regular calc is. :(

However, I have no doubts that AP calc would go a lot faster (and perhaps more in depth, depending on if you’re taking AB or BC exam). If you’re very good at math, then I don’t think it would be /too/ difficult. I would suggest getting the Calc for Dummies book and also the Barron’s Review book to prep for the exam. (: 


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  • me: okay lets start this homework
  • *2 hours later*
  • me: okay lets start this homework
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when ur mom comes into ur room and u have to pretend that u are studying quick


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Every AP teacher ever.

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Every week, we have a recap of questions that I didn’t get a chance to answer during the week. To avoid spamming your dashboard, we’ve compiled your questions into one. (: If your question wasn’t answered recently, you’ll probably find it here!


  • i need so much help w ap physics 1 i’m going in to my junior year and it is such a struggle. he needs us to know how to algebraically arrange all of the equations on the formula chart but it’s sooo hard. i’m gonna scream

Don’t scream!! :( Maybe find a friend who can work with you on your physics, and maybe talk to the teacher too. I’ve never taken Physics 1 (I’m in Physics C E/M right now), but I’ve heard it’s not that bad of a class. You can try getting a review book or look for online resources as well, but I think you just need to believe in yourself and take it one step at a time! (:

  • I’m writing an summer assignment essay for my AP English Lang/Comp class and I’m scared that it’s not going to be good enough. Any advice on AP English style essays?


And of course I have advice!

1) Keep your language formal. Don’t use ‘you/yours’ in your essay.

2) Make sure you understand what you’re saying. Don’t use vocab words that you don’t know (and just hope you’re using right), and avoid purple prose and cliches.

3) Develop a decent thesis. That’s everything. Make sure your thesis is insightful, but not over 1-2 sentences.

4) Avoid three-pronged essays. Lang requires that you have higher level thinking and the ability to make one idea flow to another without relying on a three pronged thesis! It will not hurt to have a three pronged essay if that’s the best you can do, but you’ll rack up a lot more points if you avoid that.

5) When writing an analysis, it’s a good idea to go from the beginning to the end. Analyze how the author used tone/style/rhetoric in the opening, middle section, and closing. That doesn’t necessarily mean “in the first paragraph, the author…” “in the second paragraph,” and so on (though if you think it works, you can do that), but try to divide up the essay into sections and analyze it chronologically.

6) As for synthesis essays, make sure you are interpreting the prompt AND the individual passages. Simply sticking quotes into your essay won’t get you any points!!! Use the passages for support for your thesis, but make sure you add some commentary of your own as well.

7) The argument essay… try to be original and creative in your response, and make sure you support your thesis WELL.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now, but I hope this helps!

  • I’m going to take AP English Lang this year so do you have any tips for organization, studying and exam prep?

Oh hey another Lang question! Asides from the essay writing tips above, I’d also suggest keeping up with your readings (we read a lot of novels outside of class last year). Know how to annotate (http://theaplyfe.tumblr.com/post/95773555589/englitstudent-sorry-for-how-late-this-i) when reading, and READ WITH DETAIL.

I’ve always kept my agenda/planner up to date with my assignments and test dates. ;) It helps me!

Finally, for exams, get a decent review book. 500Qs you need to know before test day for AP Lang is perfect. It’s difficult, but that meant the AP test MC was *so* incredibly easy (and I recall many AP students complaining about that last year). Make sure you also practice for the writing (take a look at some of the old prompts and practice!) and get used to the style of essays you’re supposed to write!

  • Hi! I love your blog! I just wanted to stop by and ask about AP Physics 1 and 2 (formerly known as AP Physics B) because I am taking those classes this upcoming year. In your opinion, how difficult was the class and how difficult did your peers find it? Is it very difficult to achieve an “A” in the class? Do you have any advice? Thanks!

I actually didn’t take AP Physics B. I’m taking AP Physics C E/M right now (as stated above!), but Katie took B last year. ;) She loves physics and doesn’t think it was too difficult, and everyone did pretty well in the class and the test!

  • So I want to be an english major and in the ap/collegeboard website it says AP Art History (as well as the other art classes) are APs that would contribute to English majors, do you know why?

History and English go hand in hand; I believe that’s why! I’m not quite sure what is exactly in the curriculum of art history, but I’m sure they cover things in there like the eras of art and what made them create the styles of art that they did (for example, events and ideas of people at that time led up to creating Renaissance art, and so on). If you think about, for example, Romantic literature, Gothic literature, etc etc, their authors were all inspired by the events and ideas of that period too.

Totally not sure if this was clear at all, but I hope that I did a decent job in explaining. (:


That’s it for this week! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.


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Anonymous asked:
Does applying to a college early decision increase your chances of receiving a merit based scholarship?

depends on the college, but probably no.



  1. Receive the assignment: Read the instructions, look over the rubric, ask your teacher about any questions you might have
  2. Make a plan: Map out your project. Set deadlines and little goals to get things done without all the stress
  3. Budget your time wisely: When is the project due? Do you have other obligations that may make it difficult for you to finish your project on a set date?
  4. Do your research! Make sure you know what you’re talking about! 
  5. Create a research outline: Take organized, color coded notes! It’ll make it a lot easier to write the essay
  6. Write a rough draft: Use all your good notes to write a rough draft
  7. Have a peer edit: Ask a respected peer to edit your paper! Or, if possible, get your teacher to look it over and see any improvements it might need
  8. Edit and create a final draft: Take their edits into consideration, and create your final draft
  9. Hand it in! 

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Anonymous asked:
what common app essay do you think would be the best one to do? literally right now i really cant think of anything for any of them and im beginning to stress out

don’t stress hun!! :( 

I can’t really help you with which common app essay is “the best”. In my opinion, I have one that I really liked and one I could work with, but that’s different for everyone! Tell YOUR story. just sit down with a cup of tea or something and think about it. You still have time, it could take a day, or two, or a week before you come up with something worth writing. but make sure it’s YOU. I can’t tell you what’s you. ;) 

if you’re still stressed and want to come off anon and talk to me about stuff, I can do that too, and maybe help you out a bit more. <3 

- Cindy

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you self studied/ took AP Psych? How long did it take you to self study it/ do you think it'd be difficult. I kinda want to self study it aside from the 4 APs I'm taking at school plus my cousins taking the class so I can ask for help too. Any advice would help, thanks!

I took AP Psych! It’s not difficult at all. (: get a princeton review book and just read through it… seriously, I think that’s all you really need to prep well for the exam!! (:

Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
What are some good websites for sophomore AP courses?

what do you consider sophomore AP courses? (: I know different schools do different courses at different times.

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