We didn't choose the AP life; the AP life chose us.

Hello there! We are two teenage girls struggling through what we call the AP life. (: it's about time tumblr has a decent AP students blog! <3


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when you get yelled at for not doing the homework


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good luck class of 2015, the college admissions process has officially begun!

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Anonymous asked:
Would it be okay to talk about a disability I have for my common app essay? It isn't rare (1 in 100,000) but I was told to avoid it but it makes me who I am and is not anywhere else on my application.

what were the reasons given when people told you to avoid it? 

If you think you have a really good reason to write about the disability, I think it’s fine to go ahead. like you said, it makes you who you are. ;) 

- Cindy

i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now
Anonymous asked:
Hii, okay so for my freshman year I'm taking AP Human Geo, and I was wondering, how hard is it and what should I expect? And if you have any additional advice. Thank you! (:

in my school, it was kind of a shocker for everyone who took it, so every freshmen failed the first test hahaha. but it was alright afterwards, and a lot of people made 5s. (: it’s definitely one of the easier AP exams, and it’s geared for freshmen, sooo I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Anonymous asked:
Thank you for your kind words and motivation! I am taking AP Bio this senior year wish me luck! :)

awe, just saying what I believe, hun!

Good luck. (: I hope you’ll have tons of fun cause I did !!

- Cindy

Anonymous asked:
I've always loved writing and planned to be a writer since as long as I can remember but science also interests me, but I feel I'm not as good as science ( I got a 2 on APES) :(((((

Your AP scores don’t define you, and just because you got ONE bad score, it DOES NOT define you OR your career, and please do NOT use that to determine what you want to do for the rest of your life. 

If you want to be a writer, great!! but if you want to do something in science, you know… go for it!! You might’ve had a bad day on the APES test, or maybe that particular subject just wasn’t your thing. Remember that there’s still chemistry and biology and physics… and if that doesn’t work out, there’s always engineering! The list goes on and on, and it’s up to you to discover what you want to do ultimately. 

Spend some time to discover what you want to do. If you love writing, then join deviantart’s literature community or wattpad and see if you can get constructive criticism. Or enter in writing contests. (: On the science aspect, take a few more science APs and discover what you really want to do. Broaden your horizons… don’t limit yourself just because of a test score.

- Cindy


what if college is just five installments of $19.99

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Anonymous asked:
Do you plan to major in English/ pursue a writing career?

no, but I love it dearly! I would say that writing is more than just a hobby, and I would definitely love to find an agent and publisher to publish my books in the future, but my dream is to pursue a career in the medical field.

- Cindy

Anonymous asked:
Hey! How many APS in total have you taken? And which ones? Have you passed all of the tests?

Eight. (: you can see them by clicking ‘about’ on our blog. (too tired to list them atm ugh) I’ve gotten all fours or fives on them, so yes (:

linguisticality answered: …putting off the reading for the upcoming macro/micro…

i’ve been putting of reading for ap lit for like… the entire summer. xD
procrastination for the winnn. (:

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hey guys!

cindy here. hows it going tonight? I’m just sitting here, contemplating whether or not to drink coffee (it’s 11pm…), and trying to finish the last couple chapters of my novel.

anyone up to anything cool?

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"hey can I copy your homework?"

“I was gonna copy yours”


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me at school


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