We didn't choose the AP life; the AP life chose us.

Hello there! We are two teenage girls struggling through what we call the AP life. (: it's about time tumblr has a decent AP students blog! <3


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Anonymous asked:
Does applying to a college early decision increase your chances of receiving a merit based scholarship?

depends on the college, but probably no.



  1. Receive the assignment: Read the instructions, look over the rubric, ask your teacher about any questions you might have
  2. Make a plan: Map out your project. Set deadlines and little goals to get things done without all the stress
  3. Budget your time wisely: When is the project due? Do you have other obligations that may make it difficult for you to finish your project on a set date?
  4. Do your research! Make sure you know what you’re talking about! 
  5. Create a research outline: Take organized, color coded notes! It’ll make it a lot easier to write the essay
  6. Write a rough draft: Use all your good notes to write a rough draft
  7. Have a peer edit: Ask a respected peer to edit your paper! Or, if possible, get your teacher to look it over and see any improvements it might need
  8. Edit and create a final draft: Take their edits into consideration, and create your final draft
  9. Hand it in! 

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Anonymous asked:
what common app essay do you think would be the best one to do? literally right now i really cant think of anything for any of them and im beginning to stress out

don’t stress hun!! :( 

I can’t really help you with which common app essay is “the best”. In my opinion, I have one that I really liked and one I could work with, but that’s different for everyone! Tell YOUR story. just sit down with a cup of tea or something and think about it. You still have time, it could take a day, or two, or a week before you come up with something worth writing. but make sure it’s YOU. I can’t tell you what’s you. ;) 

if you’re still stressed and want to come off anon and talk to me about stuff, I can do that too, and maybe help you out a bit more. <3 

- Cindy

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you self studied/ took AP Psych? How long did it take you to self study it/ do you think it'd be difficult. I kinda want to self study it aside from the 4 APs I'm taking at school plus my cousins taking the class so I can ask for help too. Any advice would help, thanks!

I took AP Psych! It’s not difficult at all. (: get a princeton review book and just read through it… seriously, I think that’s all you really need to prep well for the exam!! (:

Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
What are some good websites for sophomore AP courses?

what do you consider sophomore AP courses? (: I know different schools do different courses at different times.

Anonymous asked:
Would you recommend self studying AP Stats? A lot of people say it's easy plus I'm taking AP Calc

it’s nothing like AP Calc. c: just because you do well in Calc doesn’t mean you’ll do well in stats… and vice versa.

I don’t know about self studying it, to be honest. I really enjoyed the class. I think you may find yourself slightly surprised on what you’re actually studying if you self study. I would recommend taking the actual class.



Sorry for how late this. I procrastinated really badly *shameful face*

This post is for just-tonie and theaccidentwill who both requested it. They should be more how to annotate posts on their way. 

If you have any requests for posts or questions leave them in my ask! 

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where is the lie

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hey kids, wanna hear a spooky story?

the college application process

financial aid offices





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"turn in your test even if you aren’t finished"


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Anonymous asked:
you never answer my questions :///

Omg im sorry :(
Sometimes I just get swamped with them >.> I’m really trying to do better, though…
Will you mind asking again? Or off anon, so I can answer it for reals?

Anonymous asked:
Hey I got a 24 on the ACT in June but I need a 28. I didn't study or try at all on the June ACT (stupid, I know, but I was tired and just wanted summer), is it difficult to move up 4 points? My next one is in October

Just do tons of practice tests! I’m an SAT gal, but there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a 28 if you do several practice tests (timing is crucial… so make sure you take these practice tests in a testing situation!!)


Anonymous asked:
So Im taking AP Bio and we have a new teacher and she doesn't teach the class at all and Idk I'm not complaining but I find it really hard to want to read the text book and I just feel like I'm being set up for disaster for the test because I have learned little to nothing and it's week 2 :(

There are *always*, *always* going to be teachers like that, unfortunately! :/ I know it’s super hard to read the textbook… maybe check out the Crashcourse biology videos on YT, or maybe THIS. I would really, really try to read the textbook. Maybe you can have a conversation with your teacher as well about this? Maybe ask for some extra resources. They don’t always turn out 100% the way you want… but this year I talked to my AP Euro teacher about some problems I was having with the class and it almost immediately changed. It’s DEFINITELY worth a try.

I wish you the best of luck!



An August pep talk for anyone returning to school soon.  I would also recommend buying a pretty new planner so that you can organize all your responsibilities, I promise it helps loads xx 

Hope y’all have a great month of August and remember to not stress too much.  You can find last year’s August pep talk here and the rest of my pep talks here

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