We didn't choose the AP life; the AP life chose us.

Hello there! We are two teenage girls struggling through what we call the AP life. (: it's about time tumblr has a decent AP students blog! <3


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My back to school shopping is complete.

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If you are not very familiar with the SAT and are scoring below 1800 then consider taking SAT prep courses (class not individual)

If you are scoring below 1600 Buy a prep book and read it!

If you are scoring around 1800-2100 Take a couple tests for practice.

If you are scoring 2100-2200 Read…

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Anonymous asked:
I've been told colleges prefer to see a B I'm AP than an A in regular. But would they prefer a C in AP than a B in regular?

they’ve always told me they’d prefer an A in AP. 

That’s like one of the most commonly asked questions, and honestly, if you can get an A, get an A. In my opinion (I cannot speak for any colleges!!) no. I don’t think colleges would prefer a C in AP to a B in regular.



Fun Fact #10: Consuming raw or undercooked meats is bad for your health. In fact, any activity that does not involve mindlessly studying is not good for your health. Go Study your SAT vocab

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I’m thinking of creating an appblr. But I’m really on the fence. :c

Anyone want to sway me one way or the other?

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So I’m making this post at the beginning of the year, because too many people buy their AP books and start studying the week before the AP test, which works, but is super stressful (I learned the hard way). After scoring 5s on 8 AP tests, I think I am qualified to speak on this topic. So here is…

working on a new college bound post!

I’m so excited to show you guys this. :D


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AP blogs are tough to find on Tumblr, so I’ve made a collection of all the AP blogs I could find, sorted by subject. Some haven’t updated for a while, but all the same the resources provided by the blogs are still usable and I highly recommend finding a way to use Tumblr to get some productive AP studying done! The list is quite small, so if you know of any more, feel free to send me a message!

General AP Blogs


AP Biology


AP World History


AP European History


AP United States History


AP Art History


AP Calculus


AP Chemistry


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Hello AP students!!

Cindy here. So, some of you may know that I’ve been working on a novel all summer for my senior project, and now IT’S FINALLY DONE.

I’m selling copies of the book to raise money for literacy. Nearly 2/3 of kids in low income families don’t have books—and that’s why I want to use my novel to help support them! 

I’m trying to raise $500 to donate to a literacy charity. Yes, $500! But that means I need your help. I have started an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN HERE to do that! You can read more about the project at that link (since I don’t want to bore all of you guys). By donating, you can get all sorts of perks—the ebook, the physical paperback, signed versions, or even a short story or a custom cover if you’re a writer too. You can also CHECK OUT THE FIRST CHAPTER HERE.

I NEED YOU GUYS TO HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT! Please help me share the link around, reblog, post the link on FB, twitter, even if you can’t support monetarily, SHARING ANYWHERE HELPS. 

In return, I will be giving away TWO FREE COPIES of the ebook and ONE FREE SIGNED COPY of the paperback. IF this post gets 100+ notes, I will throw in one more free signed copy… 200+, another one, and so on! 

Rules for the Giveaway:

  • I will use Random.org at the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign to determine the winners!
  • LIKES DON’T COUNT. Reblogs do—feel free to reblog as many times as you want, as long as you’re not doing it all at once (for example, no spamming the key like 10 times in a row…)
  • No giveaway blogs, please!
  • If you are selected to receive the physical copy, you need to be able to give me a shipping address!

I might just throw in a random surprise at the end, if my campaign reaches its goal. (: Thank you guys for your support, as always!


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Anonymous asked:
My school canceled my AP Psych class right before the school year starts and they are offering AP Econ instead (not sure if macro or micro). It's never been offered at my school before. Do you recommend taking it? Any advice? Thanks in advance. :)

ah, definitely!

in my school, econ is required for graduation. I’m taking it right now and really enjoying that class! honestly, a lot of it is common sense (for example, supply and demand), but there are many technical terms you’ll probably need to learn. it’s only been a few days, but I like my teacher and the class. :)


Anonymous asked:
do you know what the ap seminar and ap research is about?


what is it? if you elaborate I might know? :3


Anonymous asked:
I'm in AP Lit and we took a practice AP exam and I couldn't understand the passages(especially the poems). I really want to take the class but am I just not ready for it? Do I get better with practice? I'm so confused. What should I do?

You just started the class! I would give it a little more time. Some teachers will really hit the poetry section later on in the year.

500 Questions to know by test day for AP Lit is excellent. I used that for AP Lang last year, and the questions were SO much harder than the actual exam, so it definitely helped! (and I got a 5 on AP Lang, so (: ) 

Something that helped me a lot on the SAT subject test for lit was that I “dumbed down” the poems. Instead of reading them, I try to translate them line by line to “modern language” so it’s less daunting. I just try to reword them in the simplest way possible. Sometimes poetry isn’t really about reading in between the lines… in fact, sometimes just getting its literal meaning helps a lot more! I’d suggest trying that. I can’t guarantee you’ll get every question right that way, but I think it can be a useful tool.

You will definitely get better with practice, but if not, talk to your teacher in a little while if you’re just not getting better.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous asked:
(Sorry this isnt a AP question) Im a junior and i am taking a college class at the college and I have no friends in the class and its my first time at the college itself. I am deathly afraid of this new experience. Any advice?? Thanks:)

Don’t fret! Just talk to people :) Find some common interests with others, maybe attend a few events at the college, or even form a study group with some of the students in the class. The worst thing to be is afraid - I’m 100% sure the college kids won’t bite. Don’t be nervous either; be calm, cool, and - most importantly - yourself!!


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